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Name:Michael [Van Helsing]
Birthdate:Oct 12
"My job... my life... my curse... is to vanquish evil."

General Characteristics

Per the movie: Gabriel Van Helsing is several hundred years old, maybe even as many as several thousand years, missing memories of his past, except for the last seven years (1881 forward). He is a member of a secret organization known as the Knights of the Holy Order and has an ability to sense evil.

Frequently seen wearing a long, brown, leather coat and a brown leather hat, sometimes with a black bandana over his face. He has a companion named Carl ([info]i_read), a Friar who is excellent at weapons R&D. Various weapons on Van Helsing include: Tojo blades (look like hand-held buzzsaws), a Gatling-like crossbow, Holy water, crucifixes, pistols and various others as necessary.

He wears a gold signet ring on his right hand.

Interesting physical characteristic: has two triangle-shaped scars on his back which most people never see and scars on his chest from fights with a werewolf and Dracula.

Milliways** Van Helsing has been retired from the Milliways RPG **

Van Helsing entered Milliways not too long after the conclusion of the film itself. His home calendar, however, doesn't follow the Milliways calendar - ie: when it's Halloween at Milliways, it's not Halloween in his home time. (Yes, poor Van Helsing had to go through Halloween twice this year.)

He was given a dog - an Irish Wolfhound, named Beowulf - for Christmas by Carl. The dog is just over a year old and very well trained. Beowulf will protect Van Helsing with his own life and joins him on various missions.

Van Helsing has been a werewolf a total of three times now. Once as bitten by Velkan (this one's canon); once as a Halloween costume decision by the Bar, herself, at Milliways (he only *looked* like a werewolf, he didn't have the wolf-y instincts and such); and once as bitten by another werewolf on a recent assignment - reports for which can be found here and here; and a summary of the entire werewolf event can be found here.


Van Helsing's [info]otherways information is listed here.

Quite a bit has happened to Michael (AU Van Helsing) since he was first introduced to the game. He's been stabbed through the leg with a sword, beaten to unconsciousness by a gaggle of zombies, under the influence of various magical/mystical elements, mind-wiped for the umpteenth time, nearly killed Nick de Brabant, clocked in the head with a fertility goddess and dragged back to the bar, had his memories restored and Named his lover.

And that's the simple version.

McAnally's Pub

Van Helsing is based in canon, but has been shifted to the late 20th century in order to fit into the Dresden-verse.

This is a character journal for the following RPGs: [info]mcanallys_pub and [info]otherways. Gabriel Van Helsing is the intellectual property of Stephen Sommers as portrayed by Hugh Jackman.

[info]otherways Van Helsing is an AU version and markedly different from canon!VH.

This RPG journal may contain NC-17 material and may link to such. Read at your own risk.
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